Men Fatally Shoot Each Other in Argument Outside Home

Two 25-year-old men shot each other to death during an argument in Mt. Washington Sunday night, Los Angeles police said.

Shawn Anthony Rubio of Highland Park died a few feet from where he was shot, a block north of Avenue 50. Eric Goytia of Huntington Park died after surgery at Huntington Memorial Hospital, Lt. Richard LeGarra said. Both men suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Witnesses told police that the two men exchanged hostile and challenging words about 8 p.m. in front of the residence at 5018 Granada St. They backed away from each other and each fired six to eight shots. Police found handguns near each victim, LeGarra said.


Detectives were still investigating the cause of the argument.

Both men had gang affiliations and criminal records dating to their juvenile years, LeGarra said. Rubio was on parole for an attempted murder. Goytia’s record included numerous convictions for assault, robbery and burglary.

LeGarra said there was also a drive-by shooting in front of that address about 2 a.m. the same day. Bullets hit a wall of the house, but no one was injured. According to police, there is no information to indicate that two shootings were related.