COSTA MESA : 2 Bars Faced With New Restrictions

Two Newport Boulevard bars must operate under new restrictions, aimed at appeasing neighbors, or lose their entertainment permits.

The City Council voted to extend the use permit for Henry 'N Harry's Goat Hill Tavern at 1830 Newport Blvd. for three months only. In addition, the owners were ordered to correct a number of electrical violations and take steps to control customers.

Police records indicate that between September, 1988, and September, 1989, there were 57 reports involving the tavern.

The council also extended the permit for Hogue Barmichael's bar at 1976 Newport Blvd. until March. The bar also was ordered to close the dance floor at 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, restrict the line outside to 20 people and improve parking.

Owner Jules Boryczewski said the restrictions will, effectively, force him out of business.

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