Opposition Brews Over Store's Bid to Sell Beer, Wine

If city officials have their way, a chain discount store about to open in Stanton Plaza will be barred from selling beer and wine.

Saying there is an abundance of businesses selling alcoholic beverages and many problems with public drunkenness in the area, the city is preparing to oppose a beer-and-wine license to 99 Cents Only Stores.

The chain applied last month for a state license for the location, formerly an Alpha Beta supermarket, but some City Council members objected.

A spokesman said the company is aware of local opposition but downplayed the potential for problems. None of the beer and wine will be refrigerated, he said, adding that room-temperature beer and wine generally don't attract those who drink the beverages on the spot.

Nevertheless, the proposed license drew vocal opposition from a large group of nearby residents during last week's City Council meeting.

Residents of Plaza Pines mobile-home park complained that there already is much loitering near stores selling alcohol and in some parking lots. City officials said there are more than 14 outlets nearby selling alcoholic beverages.

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