Hurried Inspection

Regarding "Escape Clause Vital to Avoiding Problems When Buying Home" by Robert J. Bruss (Dec. 10), no offense to Bruss, but his advice to stipulate five business days for a buyer to obtain a professional inspection is, to say the least, naive, and at most, reminiscent of a deceptive broker who is reluctant to have an inspector "blow his deal."

In reality, a standard property inspection report includes a review of the buyer's preliminary title report, the seller's maintenance records, the building and safety documents, and in some cases, review of adjoining property building records and tenant interviewing.

All this, in addition to a physical inspection, which in most cases, cannot even be scheduled within five days.

This unrealistic "professional advice" given by realtors and attorneys such as Bruss only adds to confuse most buyers, who as a result forgo the inspection.


Culver City

Harris is president of Property Inspection and Reporting Service of Southern California.

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