Rights Ordinance

Our readers wrote letters throughout 1989 expressing their viewpoints on a variety of issues. Here are condensed versions of some of those letters. We appreciate their taking the time to share their viewpoints and look forward to hearing from more of them in 1990.

Thank you for covering Irvine’s human rights ordinance. There will be, no doubt, some reactionary nitwits who will attempt to justify the dim-witted positions of Reps. Robert Dornan and William Dannemeyer, who oppose the ordinance because it grants equal rights to gays. That whole fellowship can claim the right to stand alongside other great gay-bashers in history like Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering.

Irvine City Council member Ed Dornan (no relation) had it right when he accused Dornan and Dannemeyer of a “skinhead” mentality. Thank goodness there is at least one elected leader in Orange County who has the courage to confront the beast head-on.