Tips on Managing Loss From Fire

From Home Mechanix

Here are some more tips on managing your loss after a fire:

--To simplify record-keeping, use separate credit cards for additional living expenses and for contents purchases. Also consider opening a separate checking account into which only insurance company checks are deposited and from which only checks for repairs and replacement purchases are drawn.

--Be selective about the clothes you dry clean. Some may be too old to warrant the expense. Wash smoke-stained sheets with ammonia added to the wash water. They will make handy furniture covers during debris removal and reconstruction.

--Avoid carte blanche arrangements with tradespeople; wherever possible obtain estimates and bids.


--Consider renting local public storage space to store undamaged contents, as well as cleaned items as they are returned before reconstruction is completed.

--Large 22-by-22-by-50-inch wardrobe storage boxes are available from moving companies. They’re handy for storing unneeded clothes.