Fining Trash Scavengers

After just reading "Committee to Study Fines for Trashy Scavengers" (Jan. 4), I certainly agree with the residents of western Garden Grove that something must be done to prevent "scavengers" from "indiscriminately tossing unwanted trash on curbs and lawns." But please read on.

As a longtime (15 years) resident at the same address in Anaheim, we too have been bombarded by so-called "scavengers" digging through our trash cans searching for cans and papers. I absolutely disdained this invasion of my privacy.

Then one day, a gentleman with one arm missing scavenged through my trash for whatever waste could support probably not only himself but perhaps his family. I guess my heart broke and the empathetic person that I usually am realized that there are those less fortunate than me that have to eke out a living, somehow.

This is not a high paying job--I took 50 pounds of papers in to the recycling center one day and received the total sum of 18 cents. Yes, 18 cents!

Anyway, I still disdained the thought of someone searching my personal waste. Therefore, my neighbor and I, through just a little extra effort, separated our cans and papers, and placed them on the curbside next to our trash cans in neatly stacked piles or bags. If I saw this gentleman coming, I'd wave and personally hand him the extra waste not yet at the curbside.

You see, this "scavenger" is a human being just like the rest of us and should be treated with the same respect and dignity as everyone else.

As for the residents of western Garden Grove, instead of looking and "scavenging" for someone else (i.e. City Council) to take care of your problem, think of separating your trash to prevent a trashy nuisance.

I'm sure these fellow citizens (i.e. scavengers) will appreciate your thoughtfulness and perhaps go out of their way to provide a clean area at your homes. It won't cost you a cent and you'll be providing your input to a statewide recycling system.

Kudos to Judge Bobby Youngblood and Councilman J. Tilman Williams for their stand on this issue.



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