Morrison's Legacy

I had to laugh at Doors drummer John Densmore's quoting from Morrison's song "The Crystal Ship" in arguing against a book that was "kind of like a People magazine listing of (Morrison's) binges."

"The Crystal Ship," like all of Morrison's songs, has much more to say than meets the eye: Before you slip into unconsciousness, I'd like to have another kiss, another flashing chance at bliss, another kiss. The days are bright and filled with pain, enclose me in your gentle rain, the time you ran was too insane, we'll meet again, we'll meet again. . . . The crystal ship is being filled, a thousand girls, a thousand thrills. . . .

Translated: Crystal is slang for the drug methadrine, better known as speed. The ship is the hypodermic needle. The kiss is the shot or injection.

Without a doubt, Morrison created one of the most beautiful and famous drug songs of its day, which a drug-induced generation, including myself, embraced wholeheartedly.

I hope the Oliver Stone film does Morrison justice. I doubt it, though. If the drummer of the band doesn't understand Morrison's lyrics, or prefers to use them to illustrate Jim's sweet, little known "other side," then I can imagine what those who didn't know him will do to his memory in trying to interpret one of the most gifted, controversial complicated artists ever.


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