Fabulous '50s

Forest Whitaker is headed for Harlem, circa 1956. He'll star in "A Rage in Harlem," playing one of two brothers (the other's uncast) who, though polar opposites, come together over the course of "a nightmarish, roller-coaster weekend" in the New York neighborhood. Bill Duke will make his feature directing debut, with filming expected to begin in late April.

"The comedy in this action-comedy will be very dark," said Kerry Boyle, who'll co-produce with Stephen Woolley for Palace Prods. Miramax Films will distribute the $8-million film.

Scripted by John Toles-Bey, "Rage" is based on a 1965 Chester Himes novel originally published as "For Love of Imabelle." It was Himes who created Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson--the Harlem cops who first came to the screen in "Cotton Comes to Harlem" (1970). Look for the duo to return--as supporting characters--in "Rage."

Look, too, for Danny Glover--in "a small, but very important role," a character named Easy Money.

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