Defeat of Effort to Recall Mission Viejo Councilman

We’re lucky to be witnessing such amazing political changes around the world.

First we see the Soviet Union, Romania and other Eastern Bloc countries changing their political system to permit dissenting points of view. Now this momentum has spread to Mission Viejo.

One of the five Mission Viejo council members, Robert A. Curtis, dared to express points of view that put him at odds with the powerful Mission Viejo Co., the town’s builder. The company was so fearful of this lone voice of dissent that they and their friends spent $500,000 in a failed effort to recall him, while he defended himself with a paltry $39,000. It’s probably a good thing that the company doesn’t own tanks, tear gas and “re-education” camps. To top it off, a couple of Curtis’ fellow council members took the unusual action of joining the recall effort against their colleague.

Now let’s see what happens in November when these council members are up for reelection. Will the council members take money from the company? Will the company’s endorsement be their “kiss of death?” Or will the council members get the voters’ message that they want controlled growth and independent-minded representatives?



Mission Viejo