Simi Valley School Board OKs More Personnel Cuts


The Simi Valley Board of Education, which recently voted to lay off 32 temporary teachers in light of a projected $8-million budget deficit next year, has decided to make additional personnel cuts.

The board voted late Tuesday night to lay off 28 clerical and service employees, which includes some junior high librarians and elementary school nurses. The layoffs will become effective July 1.

The layoffs, coupled with administrative reassignments and other cost-cutting measures, are expected to save the district enough money to balance its budget as mandated by state law, Supt. John Duncan said.

"We feel the actions that the board has taken at its last two meetings have been sufficient to get us through next year and to meet all of our obligations," Duncan said.

Last month, the board voted to lay off 32 temporary teachers and to reassign 34 assistant principals, psychologists and other administrators to lower-level positions with reduced salaries.

The board also approved a freeze on hiring, purchases and travel expenses and will eliminate districtwide overtime by 50% in the current fiscal year.

Declining enrollment, limited state funding and a 3% cost-of-living raise for teachers are blamed for the anticipated $8-million shortfall, district officials said.

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