Limbaugh's Opinions

Re Rick Du Brow's "Radio's Limbaugh Brings His Opinions to TV," March 3: Rush Limbaugh is popular because he says things that really bother people and no one else in the media says it. For example, the excesses of black politicians who break laws and are not criticized in the press for fear of being labeled racist.

Secondly, he speaks out against the lack of criticism when there is blatant behavior on the part of gays, feminists and liberal Democrats (while Republicans are fair game for criticism). He decries communism and the fact that the press has just now got around to thinking it's unworkable.

But Rush is not altogether good. He is a self-aggrandizing adolescent who spends most of his show telling you how wonderful he is, selling his videotapes, playing terrible music, pushing his pet causes and telling about women who try to pick him up on airplanes.

The reason he has an audience is those few moments when he expresses the majority's real opinion. It's like a voice in the wilderness.


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