The President's War on Drugs: No Frontal Attack on Alcohol

The March 3 article "Bush to Hollywood: Tell Truth About Drugs" revealed the President's pusillanimous approach to dealing with drugs and their television industry purveyors. Nancy-Reaganlike, he never once mentioned alcohol--the drug killing more young Americans in the 15-24 age category than any other.

Why doesn't the commander-in-chief in the war against drugs wage war against booze? Probably because it often is the drug of choice of his Academy of Television Arts and Sciences audience and because the beer and wine industries are contributors not only to politicians but to broadcast advertising.

Ironically, on the day President Bush spoke to the glamorizers of alcohol and other drug life styles, Los Angeles County was launching its March Alcohol and (Other) Drug Awareness Month activities--with no media coverage.

RAY CHAVIRA, Availability Committee Chairman, Los Angeles County Alcohol Policy Coalition, San Gabriel

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