Positive About Poland

It was interesting to read Jack Adler's article, "Travel Rules Same for Eastern Bloc" (Jan. 21). My husband and I visited Poland last September, and we had a very different experience.

In parts of the country, Krakow in particular, we found a great deal to buy. In the old town of Krakow is a beautiful bazaar full of silver jewelry, artwork and other items, all an incredible value because of the relative strength of the dollar. Although the latest in women's clothing is difficult to come by, I found a lovely evening jacket at a busy women's apparel store right off the town square.

We also had only pleasant restaurant experiences. Not only were menu items available, but the food at various restaurants in Krakow was terrific, and we were able to feast on five-course meals for less than the price of fast food in the United States. We particularly recommend the Wierzynek Restaurant in Krakow for a fabulous meal in a lovely building dating back to the mid-14th Century.


Long Beach

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