Menendez Killings Slated for TV Film

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Hollywood's version of the gruesome slayings of entertainment executive Jose Menendez and his wife may soon be seen in America's living rooms.

New World Television said it is developing a television movie based on the case for CBS-TV.

The movie will concentrate on the investigation of the couple's sons, Lyle, 22, and Erik, 19, and their arrests in last August's shotgun slayings in the Menendez mansion in Beverly Hills.

New World President Jon Feltheimer said Friday that his firm was negotiating various rights regarding the story. He wouldn't elaborate.

Karen Lamb was the producer of the television movie and Zev Braun was executive producer, New World Television said.

Lyle and Erik Menendez were arrested and booked for investigation of murder. Lyle was arrested Thursday and Erik was arrested Sunday.

Criminal complaints filed last week in Beverly Hills Municipal Court charged each brother on two counts of homicide in the Aug. 20 slayings of their parents, Jose Menendez, 45, and Mary Louise (Kitty) Menendez, 44.

The young men are heirs to the $14-million estate of Jose Menendez, who was a successful executive of Live Entertainment Inc., a Los Angeles-based video distribution company.



Mary Louise (Kitty) Menendez was 47 when she died, not 44.

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