Pool Use

I am a swimmer, but not much of a swimmer. It has never occurred to me to enter a swim meet but swimming offers me a safe, low-stress workout that my 40-year-old body appreciates. Since I learned of the Westwood Recreation Center last May, I have utilized the pool on an average of two to three mornings a week.

I am very concerned about the recent uproar regarding the Southern California Aquatic Masters Swimmers Club sharing the pool with residents. I feel I have a unique perspective regarding the situation (Metro, Feb. 23). From May through December I swam "solo," paying $1 a session and enjoying my workout. During those months I never had to wait for a lane because of the masters workout or felt uncomfortable about the activity in the pool. Quite the contrary. One morning I asked the coach about the program and was encouraged to join their workout.

For the last five weeks my swimming routine has improved significantly, my motivation to get in the pool at 7 a.m. has increased with new-found enthusiasm. I have never seen anyone waiting for a lane to swim independently. Rather than being a detriment to the facility, I believe the masters program offers a positive alternative within the community.

I see no reason why both groups can't swim together and utilize the pool to its fullest potential.


Los Angeles

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