NAMES IN THE NEWS : Lost Ring Returned to Ringo

From Times Wire Services

A five-carat diamond ring lost by Ringo Starr turned up recently at a jewelry shop and has been returned to the former Beatles drummer, police said Sunday.

Starr, 49, lost the ring after a concert last October in the French capital. Police estimated its worth at more than $172,000.

The ring surfaced a few weeks ago at a jewelry shop in the St. Ouen District of northern Paris, sold to the owner by a man police said did not know it belonged to the rock star.

By that time the diamond had already passed "through several persons," police said. Investigators later found and matched it against a description provided by the insurance company.

The ring has been returned to Starr, and police said the jewelry shop owner and the man who sold him the ring will face unspecified criminal charges.

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