Unsuspecting Cars Drop Into 'The Big One'


Some seven cars dropped into a gaping seven-foot-long hole that opened up Monday on MacArthur Boulevard near Fairview Street.

"It was like this humongous pit opened up and one by one all these cars landed in it," said Costa Mesa resident Lisa Santora, whose Chevrolet Cavalier hit the dip about 7:30 p.m. Santora's front tires blew out with the impact.

The street hole, about 7 feet long, 3 feet wide and at least a foot deep in some places, was originally the site of an opening for a water main line, said John Gonzales, a public works employee. Apparently, a contractor did not plug up the hole correctly, Gonzales said.

Santora said she watched at least seven cars drive into the hole. After each impact, the cars pulled out of the hole and then parked at a nearby fast-food restaurant. At one point, six cars--all of which survived the drop--were parked at the lot.

"They all went 'ba-boom!' and then you see a hubcap go by," said Santora.

The cars all suffered some damage, ranging from flat tires to smashed fenders, Santora said.

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