NAMES IN THE NEWS : Glaser, Wife Want Bushes' Help in Drive for Children With AIDS

From Times Wire Services

Actor Paul Michael Glaser and his wife, Elizabeth, who is infected by the AIDS virus, told a House committee hearing today they are seeking new stars for their campaign to help children with the disease--President and Mrs. Bush.

Elizabeth Glaser became infected with the AIDS virus through a blood transfusion she received while delivering the Glasers' first child in 1981 and subsequently passed the virus on to both of the couple's children.

The Glasers' daughter died in 1988 at age 7, but their son and Elizabeth Glaser have not yet developed AIDS symptoms. Paul Michael Glaser, star of the "Starsky and Hutch" TV series, has not been infected.

The Glasers recently made a public service advertisement on AIDS featuring former President Ronald Reagan and said they need the White House's help to reach Americans who are not concerned about victims of the disease.

Elizabeth Glaser, a founder of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, said she spoke with one of Mrs. Bush's aides last month about the First Lady making her own television commercial, but has not received a response.

Mrs. Bush's spokeswoman said that the First Lady had not received a written request to make a public service ad and that there will be no response until one had been made.

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