Summonses Are Issued Against Two in Water Bombing of UNLV’s Bench

From Associated Press

Charges were filed Tuesday against two former Utah State students in the water-bomb drenching of Nevada Las Vegas Coach Jerry Tarkanian and his players.

Jeff Leishman of Salt Lake City and Gavin Washburn of Logan were not arrested, but were charged in a complaint.

A carbon dioxide-triggered device erupted March 1, shortly before the second half of a game between UNLV and Utah State at the Spectrum. The blast soaked Tarkanian and his players with a spray of blue-green dye. The game was suspended for five minutes as a result.

The device, hidden beneath a floor vent near the Rebel bench, consisted of a small tank inside a wooden crate with a sprinkler head and plastic pipe.


Two technical foul shots were awarded to UNLV because of the incident. Earlier, Utah State had been assessed another technical foul when a roll of tissue was thrown onto the floor. The Rebels won the game 84-82, making all three technical free throws.

A court clerk said Leishman and Washburn were issued summonses. If they fail to appear, arrest warrants will be issued. The two were charged with disrupting a meeting or procession.