As a writer, nothing fazes me more than nit-picking by an editor, or, even worse, a reader.

However, as a reader, finding some error usually can make my non-Clint Eastwoodian day.

And so, I hasten to submit an error of truly micro-monumental proportions in Charles Champlin's front-page review (of P.D. James' "Devices and Desires," Book Review, Feb. 25).

He mentions it was Greyhound, the bus company, that had the slogan, "Getting there is half the fun." While people generally leave the driving to Greyhound, it was the British steamship company Cunard--proprietor of the Queens, among other vessels--who used that slogan for many years. In fact, they may still do so on some of their promotional literature.

I suppose the above only goes to show that there are a number of us who do peruse the reviews, to be enlightened, yes; but also to hope to find some erratum, or better yet, errata, which can prompt letters like this one.


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