U.S. Bishops' PR Campaign Against Abortion

Thank you for your editorial on the bishops' PR campaign against abortion, and for Novak's column.

I can't agree though with one point. There may be separation between church and state, but not between conscience and pulpit.

Along with family and school and the press, the pulpit is a great influence in helping people form their consciences, and raise their consciousness. The pulpit, for example, was powerfully influential in forming America's conscience on slavery and racism. Its call may be resisted, sometimes violently, but it still disturbs prejudices, complacency, injustice.

Lewis Hanke and Dr. Karl Menninger said that "one of the great events in the spiritual history of mankind" was a friar's sermon in 1511 rebuking the Spaniards for their cruel treatment of the Indians. Great sermons have come from pulpits. Would there were more!


West Hills

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