‘Verbal Control’ of Pit Bulls

I was appalled to see the photo in the (April 4) Ventura County section showing a young woman who “playfully swings her pet pit bull, Gypsy” in the parking lot of the Oxnard airport, as the caption stated.

Pit bulls are dangerous dogs, I thought, and to have an animal “known for powerful jaws and aggressive behavior,” as the caption said, run loose at a public airport parking lot sent shivers up my spine.

Not to worry, the lady at the Ventura County Animal Regulation Department told me. As long as the pit bull, Doberman, German shepherd or whatever breed is “under the verbal control of the owner,” it is perfectly OK to have the animal unleashed on public property. I was assured that none of the named breeds are dangerous.

Do you suppose that the several recent victims of vicious pit bull attacks would agree with the cavalier interpretation of the animal control regulations?