8 Accused of Robbing Vegas Casino Guests

Eight current and former employees of the Las Vegas casino, Binion's Horseshoe Club, including two relatives of the founder, the late Benny Binion, were indicted by a Las Vegas federal grand jury Friday for allegedly kidnaping, beating and robbing at least 11 casino patrons.

The eight allegedly engaged in the violent conduct in an effort to keep certain patrons out of the famed casino, according to the indictment. Ted Binion, Benny's son, and Steven Fechser, a grandson, were included among the security and management personnel indicted.

Eleven victims were named in the indictment and others are believed to have been victims of the alleged misconduct, according to FBI Agent Tom Nicodemus.

Two of the reputed victims, gamblers Barry Finn and Alan Brown, said they were beaten by security guards, accused of cheating at blackjack, which they denied, and then robbed of between $3,000 and $5,000 in winnings. They subsequently settled a civil suit against the casino for a reported $750,000.

The defendants also allegedly falsified reports made to the Metropolitan Police Department about the alleged beating incidents.

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