NAMES IN THE NEWS : Fawcett Rules Out Marriage

Actress Farrah Fawcett likes her independence and has decided that marriage is definitely out of the question.


“Because marriage is purely a business contract. It kills romance,” she said.

She said that men don’t like her independence and that longtime love Ryan O’Neal is the only man so far who has accepted it. She said O’Neal still proposes marriage, even after 10 years.


She recalled the time in 1977 when she divorced Lee Majors, fired her manager and quit the television series “Charlie’s Angels.”

Unlike O’Neal, who doesn’t hesitate to show his emotions or pick a verbal fight, Majors was the silent type, she said in an interview published Monday in the Denver Post.

“Lee didn’t talk. He thought I should come home and make the dinner. And he didn’t support me leaving the show,” she said.

And at “Charlie’s Angels,” she said, “the male producers kept patting me on the head while I was complaining that the characters had no depth.”

Fawcett said she has taken control of her career and has since starred in such acclaimed movies as “Extremities” and “The Burning Bed.”