NATION : Quayle Aide Accused of Rape

<i> From Times Wire Services</i>

A member of Vice President Dan Quayle’s advance team has been accused of sexually assaulting a Baylor University student, and Quayle’s press secretary said today that the man has been relieved of his duties.

Police said that no warrant has been issued and that the man has not been charged with a crime. The 18-year-old student was uncertain whether she wanted to press charges, police said.

Waco policeman Lionel McGee said the woman, a freshman, told police Sunday that the man raped her in his hotel room. The man said that he had sex with the woman but that she consented, according to a police report.

A statement issued by Quayle’s press secretary, David Beckwith, said the man will retain his consulting position with the Republican National Committee pending an investigation but volunteered to step down from his duties planning a upcoming trip to Texas by Quayle.