Work It: Bats, balls, body builders and...

Compiled by YEMI TOURE

Work It: Bats, balls, body builders and gymnasts filled the south lawn of the White House Tuesday as President George Bush kicked off National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. “Today, we’re declaring war on couch potatoes,” he said. But Bush nearly hit one of the participants with an errant golf shot at the golf exhibit. “You all right? I’m heavily insured,” he said.

Mormon Switch: The Mormon church in Salt Lake City has dropped wording that required women to obey their husbands and that portrayed the clergy of other religions as agents of Satan. Women now must vow instead to obey God in the “endowment” ceremony, a ritual the church teaches is necessary for members to live with God after death. “The changes have allowed me to go to the temple with renewed joy,” said Lavina Fielding Anderson, editor-elect of the Journal of Mormon History.

College Aid: Former Miss America Bess Myerson hasn’t forgotten her alma mater, pledging $100,000 to Hunter College over the weekend at the school’s 120th birthday party. She quit her job as New York City cultural affairs commissioner in 1988 over charges she tried to fix her boyfriend Carl Capasso’s alimony payments. Myerson was acquitted after a sensational trial.

All in the Family: Princess Diana’s brother-in-law, Sir Robert Fellowes, will become Queen Elizabeth II’s most senior adviser, with titles of Private Secretary and Keeper of Her Majesty’s Archives, Buckingham Palace said Monday. Fellowes, 49, who married Lady Jane Spencer, the elder of Diana’s two sisters, will move into Sir William Heseltine’s job when he retires in October.