Reader Wants to Mind Her Squares

Sybil Washington of Inglewood, who loves word games, would like to find a Scrabble club in her area. If you could take your Q from this request and not be board by this little tile, Washington would never again be at a loss for words.

David Young of Newport Beach needs the current address of Safety Bros. Inc. (formerly located in Pasadena) or someone who can supply him with the parts to one of the firm’s bath/shower seats. Young won’t mind being showered with information; the only thing that will get him steamed is having to take a bath on this request.

May Glenn of Los Angeles can’t find anyone who will recover two large table lampshades for her. Can you help by shedding some light on her search, or is this one shady project Glenn may have to table?

Rose Schlesenberg of West Los Angeles has not been able to find a gadget (electric or hand-operated) that will open a can of sardines ; since keys are no longer attached to these cans, she has forever been cutting her hand. This is indeed a tale with a fishy twist, so make sure that the story no longer has such a bloody ending.


Reader-to-Reader Help Line: May at (818) 281-7194 would like to replace her granddaughter’s Hallmark Crayola Bunny (any size); these used to be sold at Easter in Hallmark shops. Please hop to it and make sure that you don’t lay an egg on this little tail. . . . Ernest at (213) 696-5941 needs a Model 870 Party Grill , made at one time by Sunbeam and partitioned to produce a sandwich of four ravioli-size patties; please see to it that Ernest is once again the life of the party, especially in his own back yard. . . . Priscilla at (805) 948-6117 needs the Isaac Asimov Super Quiz game by Waddington, Omnibus Edition 440 ; please make a super effort before Priscilla begins to wonder whether the game is up for her.

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for one-time items or for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so that others can contact you directly.

Lately, we’ve had a number of requests for parts and/or repair of old Singer sewing machines. The Singer Regional Service Center tells us they can help; they stock parts for most models, even discontinued ones. Their phone number is (213) 531-6352, and the address is 14399 Paramount Blvd., Bellflower.

Betty Hickman, who wanted replacement heel plugs for her high-heel shoes, has just been given a lift. Laurie Guember of West Covina writes that Heels Savers (N5235, two pair for $2.99) are mentioned in the catalogue of Walter Drake & Sons, Drake Building, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80940-0002.

For Pat Bias of Tujunga, who wanted a wooden weeding tool with a two-pointed prong and a round bulb for leverage, we have dug up several sources. Jeannie Aguirre of A&W; Sales, Inc. in Chino, (714) 591-7217, says her company represents Dexol, which used to make this (now discontinued) tool, and that A&W; still has some in the warehouse. And Charlene Collins of Santa Ana writes that Brookstone stores carry the Sparko Leverage Weeder ($7.97), made in England and very similar to what Bias wanted. We also heard from three readers who have these weeders and no longer dig them.