ORANGE : 28 Arrested Under Day Labor Laws

Police arrested seven men Thursday for allegedly soliciting work on the street, bringing the number of arrests to 28 since a crackdown began last week enforcing city day-labor laws.

During the first 10 days of enforcement, 11 workers cited for job solicitation and 13 others picked up for a range of violations were turned over to immigration officials at the U.S. Border Patrol near San Clemente when they could not produce documents proving their legal status.

The city ordinance prohibits laborers from seeking jobs on streets, sidewalks and in parking lots.

Meanwhile, business has picked up at the city’s hiring hall since the city ordinance went into effect. An average of 244 men and women used the center daily, contrasted with the first month’s average of 227 workers.


The number of employers has increased from about five to seven per day. Job matches are up from an average of 12 daily to 20.