HUNTINGTON BEACH : Schools Teaming Up in Nursing Program

To meet what health officials call “a critical need for nurses” in Southern California, Golden West College has teamed up with other education groups in a plan to help bring more high school students into the nursing profession.

The plan is called “Two Plus Two Plus Two.” The formula involves two years of work at the high school level, two years at the community college level and the final two years at a four-year university.

In addition to Golden West, the plan involves all of the high schools in the Huntington Beach Union High School District. It also involves the Coastline Regional Occupational Program and Cal State Fullerton.

High school students interested in a nursing career are steered to the proper courses in biology, chemistry, English and mathematics. They are also linked to the regional occupational program, which enables them to get practical experience and to receive a certificate as a nurse assistant.


Following high school graduation, students in the program take two years of study at Golden West, culminating in receipt of an associate degree in nursing. They then progress to Cal State Fullerton, where they can earn a bachelor of science after completion of two more years of work.

“The Two Plus Two Plus Two program ensures that a student is constantly exposed to new knowledge in the arena of health sciences, rather than spending time repeating course work at each tier of the program,” said a spokeswoman for the college. “In addition, Two Plus Two Plus Two students are prepared for immediate job placement after completion of each level of study.”