VENTURA : Council to Consider Water Law Changes

The Ventura City Council tonight will consider a series of amendments to its stringent emergency water-conservation law, which was adopted last March and will be in effect until present drought conditions subside.

Most of the amendments recommended by the council’s ad hoc water committee and city staff members have to do with the requirement to install ultralow-volume toilets--1.6 gallons per flush or less--as a precondition for a household to obtain additional water allocations.

City Manager John Baker said committee members felt that replacing a toilet, at a cost of more than $80, could place a burden on low-income families.

The subcommittee recommended voiding the toilet retrofit requirement for households that request additional water allocations based on the number of household members.


The requirement would also be voided if a family can demonstrate a need for more water based on medical or sanitation reasons, Baker said.