Alzado, Who Misses the Violence, to Try Comeback

Nineteen years after he first went to a pro football training camp, eight years after his Raider debut and four years after retiring, Lyle Alzado is back.

Alzado, 41, announced Thursday that he will attempt a comeback with the Raiders, hoping to recapture both his own glory and that of his team.

"It's a violent game," Alzado said. "I miss the violence. It's just that simple."

Despite a yearlong training program, the 270-pound Alzado figures to face a grueling battle to make it through training camp against players 20 years younger.

"I know to make it, I have to dominate on the field," he said. "I intend to do that.

"If they call me in at camp and tell me it's not working out, I could handle it. My ego is not that bad. If they say goodby, I'll say goodby. But I think I'll do it."

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