THE SIDELINES : Show Wasn’t on the Ball Field

<i> From Times wire services</i>

Major league ballpark scoreboards provide all sorts of diversions, from quizzes to videos.

At the SkyDome this week, the show was above the scoreboard.

Binocular-equipped fans who looked there during the seventh inning of Tuesday’s game saw a naked man and towel-clad woman in the window of their room at the SkyDome Hotel in an intimate interlude.

The lights were off in the $800 room overlooking the baseball diamond, but the ballpark lights revealed more than the Jays-Seattle Mariners game.


SkyDome spokesman David Garrick said the couple should have been charged. But before a charge of public indecency can be filed there has to be evidence the suspects intended to offend, Detective Paul Feeney said. “In this case, they could argue that there was a reasonable expectation of privacy,” Feeney said.