LOS ALAMITOS : Search for City Sister Ends in New Zealand

It was the spring of 1981. A baseball strike loomed, Ronald Reagan was easing into his first presidency, and Los Alamitos began to look for an international sister city that would take an active part in exchanging ideas and people.

Nine years, two baseball strikes and one president later, the city believes its search is over.

The City Council has officially extended an invitation to Cambridge, New Zealand, to become Los Alamitos’ sister city.

“I find it amusing to see this item under old business” on the City Council agenda, said Leo Greene, chairman of the sister-city study committee. In fact, the issue has been around so long, said Greene, that three of his colleagues on the committee “have moved to Forest Lawn (and) one has moved to the desert.”


City officials said the main reason the process took so long was that they focused on establishing a sister-city relationship with a city--Dawson Creek, Canada--that did not end up participating in the program.

An invitation was accepted by Dawson Creek in 1985, but little happened after that.