SANTA PAULA : Office Recycling Program Adopted

The Santa Paula City Council adopted a paper recycling program for city offices and a new automated garbage collection system on Monday. It also considered a citywide recycling plan.

The council approved a program to recycle paper from its city government offices. High-quality paper, including that used in copy machines, computer printers and fax machines, will be sold to a private hauler for about $25 per ton.

The council also directed staff to form a committee to design a recycling program for Santa Paula. Under consideration is a multibarrel system, with separate containers for yard waste and mixed recyclables, such as glass, metal and paper. Other waste destined for landfills would be deposited in a third barrel.

A state law requires that cities adopt recycling programs by July 1, 1991, and reduce their solid waste by 25% by January 1, 1995.


The council also passed a resolution establishing fees for a new automated refuse collection program. Under the program, mechanized arms extending from garbage trucks will replace sanitation workers.

However, no layoffs will be necessary because most of the positions have been eliminated through attrition, said city Public Works Director Norm Wilkinson.

Automated refuse collection is expected to begin in some Santa Paula neighborhoods by the end of the month. About 5,000 new plastic containers, which will cost the city $300,000, will be distributed to residents.

Fees will remain the same for most households, Wilkinson said. Homeowners who want a second trash barrel will be charged $2 per month.

Two new trucks, costing about $100,000 each, will be operated by the driver.

Wilkinson said the automated system will save the city money because of reduced labor and health costs.