$56-Million Budget Unveiled for College

Glendale College officials Monday unveiled a draft $56-million balanced budget for 1990-91, up 14% from the present year.

Sam Black, college director of accounting, told the Board of Trustees that the increase consisted mainly of about $1 million to pay a 6.2% salary hike and a $6-million increase in capital expenditures for campus renovation.

Campus construction was projected at $16.3 million, including $3.9 million for a permanent adult community training facility, $1.9 million to renovate the administration building, $3 million to reconfigure the auditorium, $3.2 million to upgrade the technical education buildings and $1.4 million to build an emergency access road across campus.

The board is scheduled to adopt the preliminary budget June 18 and will hold a public hearing before adopting the final budget Aug. 27.

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