Paramount : Pupils to Be Moved From 3 Crowded Sites

The Paramount Unified School District Board of Education has unanimously approved a plan to move an estimated 700 elementary pupils from their neighborhood schools to a renovated facility to relieve overcrowded conditions in the 12,500-student system.

The five-member board made its decision Tuesday after three public hearings in which numerous parents voiced objections.

Parents said they were most fearful of their children crossing busy streets and traffic from the nearby Century Freeway, now under construction. Many of the objections came from parents living in the Hollydale area. Although nearly 300 children were scheduled to be transferred from that area, the board compromised and allowed 61 pupils to remain at Hollydale.

Children will be transferred starting in September from three of the most crowded elementary campuses, Hollydale, Roosevelt and Lincoln, to Wirtz Elementary School.

Wirtz has been used as an annex for Paramount High School. Students who have been using the annex will return to the high school campus in September after classroom construction is completed.

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