A Major Goal: 'Proud to Be a Black African-American'

I recently read an article on black people of Orange County (May 10). I was shocked to read some of the statements said about black people. I feel it was misleading information to make black people even less desirable in white society.

All of your statements were from black people, (who) are confused in their way of thinking. I am a young black man who lives and worked in Orange County. I am well-educated and live in a middle-class neighborhood, so I feel I have some true opinion about the situation in Orange County and how black people feel (about) Orange County.

Sean Saunders said he does not relate or speak the same language as other black people who resided outside of Orange County. This young man is a prime example of being brainwashed from the white society and his parents have (played) a big part in his way of thinking. It does not matter where you live. As long as you have an open mind, you can relate to anyone, if you really want to.

Black people must learn to work together as a whole rather than worrying about less-important things such as who's going to take their daughters to the high school prom. Black people must be able to say, "I am proud to be a black African-American."

Robert L. Douglas, Santa Ana

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