The South Coast Air Quality Management District has responsibility to control air pollution. It can seek court-imposed fines against polluters of from $25 to $25,000 a day based on such factors as the extent that emissions exceed legal limits, potential danger to the public, whether the violation was intentional, accidental or due to negligence and the company's history of violations. These are the 10 top penalties in March: COMPANY Shell Oil Co. Carson TYPE OF BUSINESS Oil refinery PENALTY $34,000 VIOLATION Operating equipment without permits; operating an incinerator contrary to permit conditions; exceeding limits of sulfur content in gasoline; public nuisance violation due to emission of odorous contaminants; leaky valves at an alkylation unit. COMPANY Oil Process Co. Los Angeles TYPE OF BUSINESS Hazardous waste-water treatment facility PENALTY $23,500 VIOLATION Contruction of a waste-water storage tank contrary to permit conditions; excessive hydrocarbon and sulfide concentrations; allowing fumes to escape from an open hatch; operating an incinerator1650814063 COMPANY Xerox Corp. Printed Circuits Division Pomona TYPE OF BUSINESS Photocopier manufacturer PENALTY $15,000 VIOLATION Modifying equipment without a permit to construct; operating a scrubber without a permit; allowing liquid solvent to splash outside of a solvent container; failure to reduce solvent-flow clean1768843040 COMPANY Angell & Giroux Los Angeles TYPE OF BUSINESS Metal fabricating and finishing firm PENALTY $10,000 VIOLATION Exceeding limits on paint usage contrary to permit conditions. COMPANY Petro Diamond Terminal Co. Long Beach TYPE OF BUSINESS Bulk loading terminal PENALTY $7,000 VIOLATION Leaky valves on gasoline supply lines leading to a loading rack. COMPANY Vector Three Environmental Engineering Brea TYPE OF BUSINESS General contractor PENALTY $6,000 VIOLATION Excavating and spreading contaminated soil without a permit; failure to implement measures to reduce hydrocarbon emissions. COMPANY Southern Calif. Edison Co. El Segundo TYPE OF BUSINESS Utility PENALTY $4,750 VIOLATION Excessive nitrogen oxide emissions from a steam generator. COMPANY McGuire Nicholas Manufacturing Commerce TYPE OF BUSINESS Tool holder manufacturer and distributor PENALTY $4,000 VIOLATION Failure to submit an AQMD-approved ride-sharing plan. COMPANY Mapex Inc. Los Angeles TYPE OF BUSINESS Automotive parts maker PENALTY $3,000 VIOLATION Failure to supply daily records of paint use; operating a spray painting booth with filters missing; having an uncovered container of solvent on the premises. COMPANY Cal Finished Metal Inc. Rancho Cucamonga Metal finishing plant $2,500 Excessive hydrocarbons from painting operations.

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