U.S. Government Must Address Runaway Immigration, and Soon

Until our government officials get a handle on this country's runaway immigration policy, I feel very reluctant to support any new tax increases other than "sin taxes" on liquor and alcohol.

Our present immigration policy is akin to a family of four living comfortably in a four-bedroom house who, unthinkingly, has a baby every 10 days. Of course, these new babies are dependent and require an inordinate amount of the families' time, energy and resources.

At first this is OK, but with each new arrival, there is less and less to go around. It becomes difficult to keep food in the refrigerator, and family members begin to fight for a bed to sleep in at night. Bills don't get paid, and only the most serious medical emergencies are met. Tensions within the family rise because of overcrowding.

At a certain point, this family has to say, "Hey, we can't afford to do this anymore." As a nation, we can't afford to continue our present immigration policy, either.

For the last 25 years, this country has been overwhelmed by wave after wave of immigrants. We need a breather--a highly restrictive and enforced cap on all new immigration--to catch up and deal with the problems this well-intentioned but ill-advised policy has created. Virtually every one of our major institutions is strained to the breaking point, and we are out of money.



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