Zoning Proposal to Get More Study

After a public hearing on zoning proposals that could change the character of two historic Old Towne neighborhoods, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to further study the issue and tour the areas.

Despite land-use studies and four public workshops this spring, plus discussions on the future of the Cypress Street and Santa Fe Railroad Depot neighborhoods, the commissioners agreed that further study is needed before they can make a recommendation to the City Council.

City officials want to rezone the Cypress Street area to make it consistent with the Orange General Plan. Part of the six-block area of mostly single-family homes is now zoned to allow four or more units per lot, but is designated for three units per lot in the General Plan. The commission is considering proposals that will allow two, three and four units per lot.

The commission is also considering plans to change the Railroad Depot area from a light industrial to a residential and limited-business district. Another public hearing is scheduled June 18.

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