PLATFORM : No Peace Dividend

<i> ROBERT ROSALES, 38, and his family, owners of a liquor store and a cafe near Lockheed's Burbank facility and Burbank Airport, have been hurt by plant layoffs. Lockheed plans to leave by the mid-1990s, laying off or relocating 9,500 workers. Rosales told The Times</i>

I sank a lot of savings into this and it’s really hurting now. Now that business has gone down it’s really killing us. It’s down over half. It’s not just Lockheed. There are some other companies (nearby) that have moved.

I hope the airport develops enough that my business goes up. They said the airport is supposed to expand, but look at Lockheed. Lockheed was supposed to get contracts and grow. I can’t go on the basis that the airport is going to expand. It might not.

Lockheed didn’t want to go with commercial aircraft, and now all their defense contracts are ending. The way I hear it and see it, they made a bad move. That’s what the guys who work there say.

It’s not a mistake to cut back (on defense spending) because everybody else is--Russia and all the other countries. It’s good for the world, but still our history shows we have our best economy when we’re at war. But I’d rather see no war than see our guys die.