Steinbrenner Hints Patience With Dent Is Wearing Thin

Associated Press

George Steinbrenner's patience appears to be wearing thin as the New York Yankees continue to stumble, and Manager Bucky Dent could be one of the casualties.

"Nobody is more disappointed than I am," the team's owner told the New York Times after the Yankees returned from a 2-6 road trip.

"I've been very patient with Bucky. I haven't said a harsh word; in fact, I've been very encouraging. But I can see what everybody else sees."

The Times reported today that sources say Steinbrenner already is mulling major changes within the Yankees organization after a 17-27 start, their worst since 1925.

Meanwhile, outfielder Mel Hall ripped his teammates for their lack of desire.

"The intensity here stinks," Hall told the New York Daily News. "It's almost as if we don't have guts. We just have to have more heart. I don't see it here."

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