MOORPARK : Deficit Expected in New School Budget

The Moorpark Unified School District approved a tentative budget that includes a projected $313,251 deficit--the first in the district’s nine-year history.

District Supt. Thomas G. Duffy proposed Tuesday that a $32-million bond issue be placed on the local ballot in November to raise money for new schools, which are sorely needed in the overcrowded district. Trustees on the school board said that they will hold a special meeting later this week to consider the bond, which they appeared to support Tuesday.

If voters approve the proposed measure, the average household in Moorpark would pay $280 more a year in property taxes, Duffy said.

Although the budget includes pay raises for 212 teachers based on a recent agreement with the Moorpark Educators Assn., no increase was allocated for classified workers such as custodians, secretaries and bus drivers. Negotiations on a new contract with the California School Employees Assn. began earlier this week and are scheduled to continue July 24.


Faced with a projected budget deficit of about $600,000, the district was able to trim the shortfall because of lower costs and increased interest earnings associated with newly issued notes for school construction, saving a total of about $62,500. Estimates for salaries were changed to reflect actual salaries as employees were hired, resulting in another $84,000 saved.

The district’s allotment to individual schools for the purchase of instructional and office supplies, new equipment and repairs, and in-service training was cut by 10%, trimming the deficit by about $34,000.

Another $24,000 was saved by replacing relocatable classrooms that were originally obtained on the free market with those provided by the state. “Relocatables leased from the state cost about $2,000 each, compared to $7,000 or $8,000 that we are paying for some of them now,” Duffy said.

Under a recommendation by Duffy, the remaining deficit will be addressed in the 1991-92 school year.

The final budget must be approved by the board before Sept. 15.