Donald Trump's Woes Are No Laughing Matter

Allan Sloan seems to think that it is fun to watch a man go down the tubes. His immature delight over Donald J. Trump's financial problems only sheds light to me of the columnist's sadism and the fact that he probably should be writing for one of the scandal tabloids. The reporting of information was as shallow as his attitude, and it is fortunate that he was not writing an article on AIDS.

While he was rolling in the aisles he forgot to let us know about the effects of the Trump default on bondholders and the shareholders, the market, the economy in the areas of Trump holdings, the position the lawyers involved in the Trump divorce are now taking and probably a multitude of other ramifications that a good reporter would look into in a situation like this.

I am sure your readers, including this one, would not delight in the fact that Mr. Sloan lost his job even though we would rather read about business in the Business section.


Del Mar

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