Companies Should Treat Their Employees Just as Well as They Want Customers Treated

In regard to "Service Without a Smile Can Be Deadly" (June 15), I'd like to say a few words on behalf of those folks on the other side of the counter known as employees.

Sometimes, new policies imposed by management to achieve what they define as good customer service can create unbearable tension that diminishes employee morale and job satisfaction.

I work for a large bank that has imposed a barrage of rules that we must strictly adhere to or risk losing our jobs. We have a supervisor whose sole function is to constantly monitor us and to interview our customers at the office and at home through phone calls and mail questionnaires.

I feel that most employees agree on the importance of good customer service. All we ask is to be properly trained and to be treated by our employers the way they want us to treat their customers.


Canoga Park

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