SHORT TAKES : Clay 'Panders to Worst Instincts'

From Times Wire Services

Foulmouthed comedian Andrew Dice Clay is under attack from more of his peers.

Clay generates "brown shirt humor" for an audience of teen-agers who have grown up believing that contempt for civil rights, women and gay people is condoned by the government, says fellow comedian Richard Belzer.

Belzer characterized Clay as "just a demigod who panders to the worst instincts of humanity" during a taped interview with talk-show host Geraldo Rivera. The interview is to be broadcast Wednesday.

Clay's routine is filled with sexually explicit language and disparages homosexuals and women. His performance on "Saturday Night Live" prompted boycotts of the program by cast member Nora Dunn and singer Sinead O'Connor.

On Monday, Starr Parodi, the keyboard player in talk show host Arsenio Hall's band, announced that she will refuse to perform on tonight's show featuring the stand-up comic.

On hearing about the boycott, Clay said: "It's a goof. She'll be there. Believe me, she'll be there. That girl is crazy is about me."

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