SHORT TAKES : French Rock Star Weds Girl, 19

From Times Wire Services

French rock star Johnny Hallyday, 48, on Monday married the teen-age daughter of a musician with whom he started his career three decades ago.

Hundreds of fans swarmed to the town hall in the village of Ramatuelle in southern France where Hallyday, whose real name is Jean-Philippe Smet, married Adeline Blondeau, 19, in a ceremony shown live on television.

Hallyday was married twice before, once for 15 years to singer Sylvie Vartan. It was Blondeau's first marriage.

She is the daughter of Long Chris, a long-forgotten performer who helped launch French rock and roll in 1960 with Hallyday and other young Frenchmen who adopted American-style stage names. Hallyday is one of the few who still has a following.

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