P.M. BRIEFING : AT&T; to Lay Off 4,300 Workers

From Times Wire Services

American Telephone & Telegraph Co. will lay off about 4,300 workers nationwide in its network services division, the Communications Workers of America said today.

The CWA, one of the two major unions representing AT&T; employees, said it was informed of the figure at an afternoon meeting with AT&T; executives in New York.

"AT&T; has informed us that about 4,300 workers in the network services division will be laid off nationwide," said Laura Unger, president of CWA Local 1150, representing about 2,400 AT&T; workers in the New York-New Jersey area.

The layoffs, which come under AT&T;'s plan to reduce its work force as the telecommunications giant upgrades its network, will affect 241 workers in New York and 98 in New Jersey.

AT&T; announced last year a plan to reduce its work force nationwide and across the board. The company said it was emphasizing cost control in the face of mounting competition and sluggish revenue growth.

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