Convicted Spy for Israel Files for Divorce : Espionage: Ex-Navy man Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence. Lawyer for his wife says she was served with papers in her hospital bed.

From United Press International

Jonathan Pollard, the former Navy intelligence specialist imprisoned for life for spying for Israel, has filed for divorce from his wife, who served three years in prison as an accessory to his crimes, her lawyer said today.

Mark Baker, attorney for Anne Henderson Pollard, 30, said his client was served with divorce papers in her bed at Mount Sinai Hospital on Wednesday by a man who posed as a hospital employee to gain entry to her room. Pollard has been a patient at the hospital for treatment of a chronic gastrointestinal condition, he said.

“She’s in a state of shock,” Baker said. “The papers served her cite irreconcilable differences between her and her husband, whom she hasn’t seen for 3 1/2 years and hasn’t talked to on the phone for four months. There’s been almost no contact, so how could there be irreconcilable differences?”

Baker said Pollard had not made up her mind whether to contest the suit and will concentrate her efforts on going to Israel to get medical treatment. He described her as destitute and said an insurance company in Israel has offered to pay her medical costs there.

Jonathan Pollard, 34, is in solitary confinement at the maximum security prison in Marion, Ill.


He and his wife had been married for only four months and were living in Washington when he was charged with turning over top-secret documents to the Israelis in return for money to finance a lavish lifestyle.

His wife was not implicated directly in the spy charges on which her husband was convicted but tried to help him flee the country and destroy documents. She pleaded guilty to accessory charges in the hope that it would help her husband get a more lenient sentence, her lawyer said. She served a three-year prison term.

Anne Pollard was released March 31 from a halfway house.